Clever funding solutions at the click of a Butn.

Butn is reinventing the way cashflow works in business with simple, secure and instant finance solutions for every business need.

Transform your service with same-day finance. Take your platform to the next level.

Trusted by some of Australia's largest online platforms, marketplaces and CRM’s
Butn’s game-changing funding products
Buy Now Pay Later for business

Give your customers the ability to make purchases up to $75k in an instant.

Commissions without the wait

Advances on commissions to supercharge cashflows.

Advanced Invoice Payments

Powering cashflows — enabling businesses to be paid instantly on delivery of goods or services. 30 days just turned into 30 seconds.

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Butn works with B2B Marketplaces, including Service Platforms, Wholesalers, Distributors, Aggregators, CRM Systems, and FinTech Disruptors.  

Together, we can better serve your customers and give businesses cashflow solutions to drive growth and innovation. 

Why Use Butn?
$75K in an instant

Butn’s cashflow solutions blow other providers out of the water. We’re able to instantly approve purchases, pay invoices and commissions up to $75k. Not only that, we also have same-day solutions for funding over $75K.

A trusted process

Butn is already used by many of Australia’s largest platforms, across a range of industries, employing the same encryption processes as the big banks. Since 2015 Butn has processed over $600 million worth of funding.


Butn gives aggregators and their customers the ability to define cashflow cycles; liberating supply chains and significantly increasing transactions.

Tailored Products

Butn’s products enable platforms to offer a payment solution that best suits their customers needs; including purchases, invoices, commissions and finance.

Seamless Integration

Butn is designed to plug and play within your existing framework and digital ecosystem. Offer Butn to customers as part of your existing site and onboarding process.

An advantage

Get ahead of your competitors by offering an instant finance solution. Improve the speed, flexibility and ultimately the service you provide.

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