Butn partners with B2B Aggregators such as Service Platforms, Digital Marketplaces, CRM Systems, and FinTech Disruptors, to provide a point of differentiation to retain and attract new members.

Our Product Suite

Buy now, pay later. Customers can instantly pay for goods and services from you with easy payment plans.
Get your commissions or service fees paid instantly. Say goodbye to long trading terms.
Get paid by Butn before goods and services are delivered. No collections, no hassle, instant cashflow.
When you need a little more, ButnPlus gives you access to funds fast. Unsecured business loans approved at the click of a Butn.

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The Benefits

Butn products make transactions simple, fast and accessible by a wider audience. The integration of Butn resolves the barriers created when payments define the speed, capacity and efficiency of the cashflow cycle.

Butn customers give their members the ability to capture growth and acquisition opportunities, removing the opportunity cost that delayed payments or lack of access to capital creates.

Butn eliminates the uncertainty associated with variable costs and the unpredictable nature of payments, unlocking and reframing their profit margin. Ultimately, Butn gives the Aggregator an income stream to invest back into the supply chain, igniting innovation and productivity.


More Than A Financial Service

A Financial Product

By adding Butn into your platform we aim to create a tailored financial product that uses factoring fundamentals to accelerate the cashflow cycle.

Platform Lending

We work with marketplaces, intermediaries, CRMs and aggregators. Integrate Butn into your platform to get a competitive advantage and attract new customers.

Financial Structure

Butn can operate as part of each transaction or simply as an additional service. Our flexible model and technology have been designed for bespoke integration and customisation.

Risk Assessment

Unlike traditional lending arrangements, Butn does not rely on the provision of financial information, which ensures a fast and easy approval process.

Simple Pricing Structure

For simplicity, we charge a flat fee for each transaction and disperse a margin to you. We consider the risk of the recourse, industry and transaction term.

Receivables Management

Butn undertakes the risk and the management of receivables. We integrate with your existing digital ecosystem to create a seamless transaction with minimal administration.

A beautiful customer experience that is secure, seamless, and delivers hassle-free approvals.

Seamless Approval Process

Integrate Butn on any platform to create a seamless user experience that is simple and fast.

No Financials Required

Apply online with NO financial data required. 5 minute decisioning with same day funding.

World Class Security

Secure by design from the foundations through to the user interface.


Are you ready to launch your business forward with a Butn payment solution?

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