Terms and Conditions



These are the terms and conditions of the Roadside Assistance gifted by Butn Assist to OLA Drivers, and of the assistance to be provided by Butn’s partner network. Your Roadside Assistance is effective from the date you become and continue to be an OLA driver, or any other eligible service as advised by Butn from time to time. 


Butn Assist Roadside Assistance is a dedicated roadside assistance service provided to you and your vehicle by Butn through its partner network, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Please call Butn Assist Roadside Assistance on 1300 99 HELP (4357) and prepare to advise: 

  • your vehicle’s registration number (and VIN if you know it) 
  • Your OLA driver number 
  • your contact phone number 
  • where your vehicle is located 
  • what the problem seems to be and what assistance might be required 
  • if your vehicle is in a hazardous location or if are unable to stay with your vehicle due to other safety concerns. 

Please stay with your vehicle if it is safe to do so. If your vehicle is unattended, we may be unable to provide assistance and you may have to pay extra cost of any subsequent attendances for the same incident. 


We will provide assistance to vehicles as current OLA drivers Roadside Assistance gifts, and who require assistance within the service area, subject to the EXCEPTIONS further below. We will help to mobilise your vehicle (all at your own cost), if possible, and where it is safe to do so, but you will be responsible and liable for any and all further repairs (as well) your vehicle might require including at fault and not-at-fault repairs, some of which might be recoverable from insurance1300 companies. 

We will attempt to dispatch and effect Roadside Assistance (which may be a mobile mechanic, tow truck operator or other assistance provider as directed by us) to your vehicle as follows: 

Minor breakdown repairs (All at the OLA Drivers cost) We will effect minor repairs to facilitate the immediate mobilisation of your vehicle. This excludes workshop repairs which may require diagnostic equipment or parts or repairs and excludes servicing. You will be responsible for all parts and repair costs incurred in any of the provisions of this service (which may include, but is not limited to, batteries, hoses, electrical components, etc.) and any further repairs. 

Battery (All at the OLA Drivers cost)  We may test your vehicle’s battery performance, jump start a flat battery or coordinate a replacement (where supply, call out and delivery costs will be your responsibility). 

Fuel(All at the OLA Drivers cost) We will deliver sufficient petrol or diesel for your vehicle, where government regulations permit, to travel to the nearest available refuelling facility (but you will be responsible for the cost of any fuel supplied and any subsequent costs including a call out fee). All costs incurred are the OLA driver’s responsibility. If you have fuelled your vehicle with incorrect fuel, we will coordinate towing but at your expense. 

Flat tyre(All at the OLA Drivers cost) We will change a flat tyre with your vehicle’s serviceable spare. If your vehicle has multiple flat tyres, or if your vehicle does not have a serviceable spare, or replacement wheel studs/nuts, or locking wheel nut keys (as needed), we will transport your vehicle at your own cost. 

Lost or locked keys(All at the OLA Drivers cost) If you lose your keys or lock them in your vehicle, we will provide all reasonable assistance (subject to proof of ownership being shown) to: 

  • locate and deliver a spare key; or 
  • arrange for the driver to retrieve the spare key, if this is more practical; or 
  • gain access to your vehicle (once a consent and indemnity form has been signed by you). 

In all other situations where the key is not available, we will arrange to transport the vehicle, where the appropriate entry methods may be used. We will not be responsible for any damage incurred, or for any repair costs that result from gaining access to the vehicle or moving the vehicle while it is locked. All costs incurred will be the OLA drivers responsibility. 

Tow/transport(All at the OLA Drivers cost – recoverable cost if liability is admitted by a 3rd party) If the vehicle cannot be mobilised at the breakdown location, we will tow/transport your vehicle. All costs of towing, including subsequent tows, are your responsibility and cost. Please note that this benefit does not apply if your vehicle has been fitted with a body that requires heavy haulage towing due to height, width or length. In those circumstances, we will coordinate towing for the vehicle, but all costs will be your responsibility. 

  1. We are unable to provide Roadside Assistance to a vehicle that is:
  • not in a service area or not on a Gazetted public road; 
  • unregistered, or not in a roadworthy or well-maintained condition; 
  • unattended (unless agreed to by us at the time of arranging our assistance); 
  • not registered for Roadside Assistance on our system being an OLA Drievr (unless it is reasonably likely that the vehicle will shortly appear on our system because you can truthfully confirm that your vehicle is an eligible OLA Driver service vehicle, the Roadside Assistance Provider will bill all reasonable roadside assistance costs to you directly); 
  • operating as taxis, limousines, rental or hire cars, over 3.5 tonne GVM or modified, large or heavy enough to require a specialist or heavy haulage towing provider; 
  • carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than that for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturers specifications or arising from or connection with the improper, unauthorised, reckless or negligent operation of the vehicle or misuse of the vehicle; 
  • or has been modified for racing, trials, or rallying or any Accident or any claim for Service has arisen in respect of such races, trails, rallies or participation in such activities; 
  • located in a restricted access area (except where we can enter the premises and you are willing to cover any associated costs) or in an area that a two-wheel drive recovery vehicle cannot access by permanent road. 
  1. This membership does not cover service calls where:
  • There was a break in or attempted break in of your vehicle; 
  • the driver of the vehicle does not hold a valid driver’s licence issued by a competent authority; 
  • there was failure to use reasonable care (e.g. repeatedly/intentionally running out of fuel) or a breakdown is due to misuse of the vehicle; 
  • not following the instructions of your vehicle’s manufacturer, us or our Roadside Assistance provider; 
  • the breakdown results from or is connected with your vehicle manufacturer’s recall; 
  • inappropriate or incorrect fitting of parts or accessories  
  • a vehicle being bogged when provision of assistance is at our discretion and, should specialist equipment and/or towing become necessary, you will be responsible for all costs (but you will be advised of this condition before the service is provided); 
  • assistance is requested in relation to loss or damage directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening or in consequence of war, invasion, act of God, act of foreign enemies, hostilities whether war be declared or not, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism, military and usurped power, riot, or civil commotion or sabotage or any other events beyond your control; or 
  • breakdowns that arise from any attached caravan or trailer or their couplings. 
  1. We will use our best endeavours to help you but may be unable to provide Roadside Assistance when:
  • there are inadequate resources in the area where your vehicle has a breakdown, for example where there are no tow trucks or repairers available; 
  • circumstances are beyond our control, such as extraordinary delays caused by extreme weather conditions, a severe accident or traffic congestion; or 
  • unexpected or disruptive events such as war, strikes, storms or other such unexpected events that prevent us from assisting you. 
YOUR OLA Driver Roadside Gift 

You agree this membership has been gifted to you by Butn, and any roadside assistance will be provided by our roadside assistance provider, and you will make no claim against Butn for any damage or loss occasioned to your vehicle by our roadside assistance provider. 

Your gift is not transferable. You may choose to use or not use your gift at any time by contacting us, however you will not be entitled to any other benefit, credit or refund. 


In these terms and conditions, the following words have the following meanings: 

accident: a collision between your vehicle and another vehicle or object, or an attempted break in or theft of the vehicle. 

breakdown: means mechanical or electrical failure, which causes the Vehicle to be immobilised or renders it unsafe to drive, provided this is not occasioned by attempted theft or Accident-related damage. A Breakdown may also mean a driver-related incident including, but not limited to, basic call outs such as a deflated tyre, locked or lost keys, insufficient fuel or flat battery – all at the OLA drivers cost 

eligible customer: means a OLA Driver who has is an eligible current OLA driver, subject to Butn’s terms and conditions as updated from time to time. 

membership: means a Roadside Assistance gift, subject to these terms and conditions, which has been gifted to an eligible OLA Driver by Butn. 

mobile or mobilised: means moving or capable of moving using the vehicles own power, as intended by the manufacturer when operating normally and not in need of assistance. “Immobile” and “immobilised” have the corresponding but opposite meaning. 

Butn: means Australian Factoring Company Pty Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Butn Ltd. 

restricted access area: an area that is protected by security and/or other systems designed to prevent access by unauthorised people and includes areas that we do not have permission to enter (including but not limited to airports, sporting venues, protests and concerts). 

roadworthy or well-maintained: a vehicle that is mechanically sound and otherwise fit to be operated and driven on Australian roads. The vehicle will comply with the minimum safety and other standards required by Australian road safety and transport laws and regulations and also be maintained and serviced by qualified personnel to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended standard and specifications set out in the vehicle service booklet and instruction manual. 

service area: where the breakdown of a vehicle is in an area of mainland Australia, Tasmania, and Phillip Island that is trafficable by a two wheel drive recovery vehicle or an island that is accessible by a two wheel drive vehicular bridge (excludes ferries). 

serviceable spare: a wheel and tyre that is ready and able to be fitted to your vehicle to mobilise your vehicle after changing a flat tyre. 

tow/transport: the vehicle will be towed or transported by the most appropriate equipment available to us, dependent on the services available, the location of the vehicle and the time that the breakdown occurs. 

vehicle: your vehicle registered on our Roadside Assistance gift system and a OLA Driver. 

you or your: the Butn Roadside Assistance member and an OLA Driver. 

we, our, us: Butn Ltd of Melbourne, Australia together with our employees, agents, contractors and related companies.